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How Do You Rate as A Boss?

By Jethro November 30, 2017

As many of you know, I am crazy about improving culture! So often Supervisors and Managers are often put into positions without any Management or Supervisory Training. They have risen through the ranks because they are good at what they do in terms of job skillset, or they have been on the job for a number of years and they have naturally progressed into the position.

We see it in Sales all the time. The guy/gal is a superstar in selling, so he/she gets the Sales Management position.

Successful Leaders know that Management positions require specific job skills, but also a solid foundation of Management/Leadership Training & Development. Just because you do something well does not necessarily mean you will know how to master the difficult job of managing people.

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Managing people is about overseeing, leading, motivating, and inspiring people in the group. To build an engaged team that will contribute to a positive and healthy culture.

Too often we see bad behaviour!!

Case in point… HOW EMPLOYEES SEE THEIR SUPERVISORS stats are from the Florida State University (Wayne Hochwarter):


  • 26% of employees said their boss frequently has trouble managing their temper.
  • 27% said their boss or supervisor greedily pursues undeserved rewards.
  • 41% of employees say their boss habitually pushes work onto others rather than doing it himself/herself.   
  • 23% of employees said that their boss purposefully hoards resources that could be useful to others.
  • 50% of people quit because of a bad boss.

How did you rate?  It is never too late to change and to put self-interest behind team interest.  Let’s all be better bosses, improve our retention levels and have happier, healthier cultures within our organizations.  In next week’s blog, we will list the Top 7 Ways to BECOME A BETTER BOSS.

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