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How Many Potential New Opportunities Have You Missed?

By Jackie-Rainforth September 28, 2018

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I cannot tell you how many times I go to a networking groups and people don’t have any business cards on them??!!  I mean these are networking groups – you would think people are going with the intent to potentially grow their business, meet an influential someone who might have great advice or a recommendation that could help them is some way, or even be a great new a source of contact for that future referral.  Isn’t this new world one of mistrust and skepticism, where word of mouth is the key prompt for people to purchase new products and services?  When you go empty handed… without that stack of cards… how many potential new opportunities could you miss?   And how do those opportunities equate to lost income?

And what about non-professional events.  You are at that Christmas party or Soccer Practise and you meet the brother of the guy who owns the XYZ company you’ve been trying to get into for a year or you are at the Ballet or Concert when the lady standing in line next to you wants one of those thing-a-ma-gigs you sell??!   Fate does have an incredibly awesome way of presenting itself on a regular basis, don’t you think?

It is for that reason that I suggest you always have cards on you and put extras everywhere…. 


  • In your Daytimer or note book.  And a few extra in zippered compartment …just because. 
  • In the console or glove compartment in your car…  in case you were rushing out the door and forgot to replenish. 
  • In the drawer by the front door.  It is amazing how many people that come to your door need your contact info …the Electrician who did the repair. 
  • In your wallet or purse.  That’s a given.
  • In your business or computer bag.  That’s another given.
  • In your luggage or travel bag.  Business people travel, and can often have time to talk while waiting for that flight or sitting beside you on the plane.
  • In your golf bag.  Like minded people hang out in the same places.
  • In your sport bag.  You never know… maybe it could even turn into be a date! 

I think we have all been guilty of forgetting our cards at one time or another, but the key is to have that extra little ‘back up stash’ ready to go, for when you are in a pinch. And even if there is no opportunity or referral to come from that valuable little card, it is always a great conversation starter or topic of conversation! 

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