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How Personalities Affect the Workplace

By Jethro September 11, 2017

When people arrive at the office they bring with them their individual traits and personalities. A person’s position and responsibilities in the workplace when not considered personally plays an important role in how a person approaches a job, completes a task and his interaction with others. The right mix of personalities in the work place can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. According to personality expert, Professor John Mayer; “personality is the organized, developing system within the individual that represents the collective action of that individual’s major psychological subsystem” personality in layman terms inherently drives the way we act.

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There’s a lot to talk about personality but for the purpose of this article, we are only going to discuss the five ways personalities affect the workplace. The five ways in which personalities can affect the workplace are:

  1. Improved Teamwork:

Many scenarios in the workplace that call for teamwork to achieve certain tasks will always bring out the best and the worst of the personalities involved. Personalities can improve the teamwork by increasing the competitive energies, communication skills and even the respective levels of commitment of members to the goal or project. Individual personalities become obvious when employees work as a team. Someone who’s an extrovert is likely to be a cheerleader for the group, focus on positive aspects of the project and possibly volunteer for leadership and coordination roles. The same goes to someone who is shy and reserved is more likely to take a follower role and be more comfortable completing tasks that are assigned to him or taking direction from others.

  1. Reduced Conflict:

Understanding your personality type can help reduce conflicts in the workplace before they arise. For example, when you know you tend to have a knee-jerk reaction when a problem arises, you can find ways to adjust this behaviour and be more immune to the situation. If you’re usually quick to accept responsibility for a problem even if it is not your fault-you can train you to be more analytical and evaluate the situation before determining how to address it.

  1. Enhances the workplace culture:

People differ in their personalities, attitudes, and values and an understanding of each individual personally and how it fits into the workplace culture is very important in maximizing their happiness and productivity at work. Personalities improve the workplace culture when there is congruence between the norms and values of the organization and those of the employees. When this congruency exists the workplace improves thereby making employees feel more competent. In other words personalities improve the workplace culture by improving the self-esteem of the employees and making them more capable of carrying out their work to best of their ability.

  1. Improves relationship at home and at work:

Personalities can improve relationship at home and work especially when you understand your own personality, that of others around you and vice versa. For example when you know your personality of your partner and that of your close ones at home it brings about strong understanding which in turn brings about brings about improvement in relationship but when personality knowledge is lacking their little likelihood of  a strong relationship taking place. This also goes to the workplace; an understanding of personalities between employees in a team can lead to increase relationship between the team members in the workplace.

  1. Improves Communication:

Personalities improve communication at the workplace in the sense that when employers understand the personalities of their employees and vice versa then the communication barrier that once existed would be broken only then can communication increase thereby bringing about increased productivity in the workplace.

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