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Intergenerational Selling: You Better Know How To Sell To Everyone!

By Jethro November 3, 2022

As the traditional workaholic Baby Boomers retire, Gen X have bigger budgets and want experiences versus the ‘heads down’ Millennials, who now dominate the business landscape as the largest generational group in the workplace and want to work with companies that make the world a better place. The hard-working digital Gen Z’s are close behind the Millennial in numbers yet are opposite in beliefs. 

With up to five generations in a company, each with their own distinct wants and needs, selling has never been more difficult. What worked with the Boomers will fall flat with the new, younger generations. You must sell differently to each group. 

Sellers must be prepared with the knowledge and insights about their buyers and meet the distinct needs of each group. 

Free yourself from confusion and gain a competitive advantage as you learn to meet everyone from the X, Y, Z to the Millennial, the Boomer, and even the Silent Generation on their unique journey. It is important to understand that generations are incredibly diverse, and each will be uniquely receptive to different features, benefits, and offerings that you, your products, services, and your company present. 

But one thing is common to all. They are busier than ever, and ALL desire a balanced life. And it is your job as a SALES REP, a SALES LEADER, and BUSINESS OWNERS to make their lives as simple, easy, and as efficient as possible. To provide the information, insights, and tools as the ‘go-to experts and authorities in your field. 

If you are looking for ways to empower and improve your INTERGENERATION SALES SKILLS leading to improved sales results, revenue, and profitability, let’s talk. Message me or reach out at [email protected] RAINMAKERS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS or a copy of THE BADASS GUIDE TO SUPERSTAR SELLING.


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