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Is Your Team Wasting Time Making Buddy Calls?

By Jethro September 22, 2022

Only 39% of a Sales Rep‘s time is made selling. Is part of that time wasted making BUDDY CALLS??? What is a BUDDY CALL, you ask? There is a hierarchy of sales called strategic effectiveness — 5 levels of sales calls. The Buddy Call is at the very bottom. You can make the least effective call to move a sale forward.   

We all know that time is money… but when you look at sales reports, knowing that only 39% of your sales team’s time is spent selling, how many of those calls are spent calling on the same old customers, their ‘buddies’. Were they dropped in with a coffee? Talk hockey? Do they have no agenda – no strategy-no plan? The call is based on relationships – relying on friendships to give them business. Are they not in control of the business? And the real problem… they call on the same ‘buddies’ week after week… they neglect to generate new business, using these guys as an easy fail-safe and sales report filler. 

I’ve seen some guys go out of town and have no idea who the customers are in their territory because they only hang out with their buddies in the city. They never leave the city. What one word would I use to describe these reps? COMPLACENT.  

With that being said…. In Japanese business culture, the leader is responsible for so-called ‘failure,’ not the employee. In North American culture, it is the opposite. So, the question is, as a leader, do you lead by raising expectations and providing the tools of training, mentorship, and coaching?   Or exit and replace the employee?   Thoughts? 

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