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Leaders… Remind Your Staff of Customer Do’s and Don’ts…

By Jethro January 4, 2018

Too often I hear people complaining about customers or I hear stories of how they have treated their customers with a ‘greater than thou’ attitude. The thing I think employees forget is that our customers are vital to our business.

Leaders, you should be continually reminding employees of the importance and value of customers their importance to the organization.

Improving Customer Service Alberta

Here are a few do’s and don’t reminders:

1. CUSTOMERS SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE GOLD: Customers are our business. They are our lifeline because they buy our products and services.

2. CUSTOMERS CAN BUY ELSEWHERE: There is nothing like a bad customer service experience to drive a customer to a competitor. They don’t have to buy from us!

3. CUSTOMERS ARE NOT AN INTERUPTION: We need to drop everything to attend to a customer in need.

4. CUSTOMERS ARE NOT THE BAD GUY: If a customer has a complaint, it is usually legitimate! Take the time to listen and handle with kid gloves no matter how frustrating they might be.

5. CUSTOMERS ARE NOT EASY TO FIND: A sales person has to make contact an average of 7 times before a customer will buy a product or service. Let them shadow a sales person for a day to see how difficult it can be to land a new client.

6. CUSTOMERS ARE NOT SPARRING PARTNERS: Customers are not someone to argue, talk back to, accuse, have attitude, or match wits with.

7. CUSTOMERS ARE DOING US A FAVOUR WHEN THEY CALL: It is our job to make customer happy and meet their needs, not vice versa.

8. CUSTOMERS PAY OUR SALARIES: Without customers, none of us would have jobs.

9. CUSTOMERS ARE OUR PARTNERS: Customers are our partners in business. There is no room for win/lose. An angry customer will tell and can influence others. The damage can be severe.

10. CUSTOMERS ARE OUR BUSINESS: They should be treated with every courtesy and act of respect possible. They are the most important person in our business. Resolving their issues, addressing their concerns, and ensuring they are satisfied is our #1 priority. Their feedback is invaluable gift of information that should be acted upon to help improve and improve and grow as an organization.

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