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My Secret to Becoming a Top 1% Sales Performer – a Badass Superstar

By Jethro July 30, 2019

A BADASS is described as:

BADASS adj: 1. A general term used to describe behavior that is fearless, authentic, compassionate and ethical. 2. Well above the standard for normal behavior. 3. Exceptional and excellent. 3. Stays true to themselves, not being fake to impress others. 4. Does not give up, pushing themselves for the better, no matter how hard it gets.

A BADASS SALES SUPERSTAR consistently knocks it out of the park. They have incomparable closing ratios, a funnel regularly filled with new customers, a loyal and dedicated base of repeat and referral clientele and extraordinary incomes. They have a simple, yet reliable skill set that makes building rapport, overcoming objections and closing easy. They have acquired the simple and easy techniques that allow them to delve deeper, sell better and achieve faster results, while catapulting their sales.

A BADASS SUPERSTAR continually asks themselves these questions:

1. What can I do to serve my customer better?

2. How can improve my customer experience or outcome?

3. How can I differentiate?

4. What ‘value-add’ can I provide?

Selling is the most incredible profession. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, new to sales, leading a sales team, or an owner of your own business, we all have the desire to increase our sales and improve our performance so that we can earn a higher income. What other job affords us such an incredible opportunity?

The problem is, it can be extremely stressful and all-consuming because our income is directly related to how good we are at our craft. It can be an emotional rollercoaster, with the highs being a big celebration and a sense of incredible accomplishment, through to the lows where we feel like a failure, beat ourselves up, live with never-ending guilt, wondering how and where it went so wrong.

The dejection and frustration we as salespeople can feel day after day hearing the word ‘no’, having doors slammed in our faces or conversations cut short with the ominous silence of phone line gone dead, can take its toll. Or what about consistently calling on the same customers, but never seeing any results? Or worse yet, never getting a response from a prospect after repeated attempts? For some salespeople and owners, the mental consequences escalate to overwhelming, as they endlessly worry about losing their jobs, their businesses and the ability to support themselves and their families.

Regardless of our circumstances, where we are on the pendulum, or what type of position we hold, if we are selling a product or a service, we are all chasing the elusive and forever moving carrot that dangles in front of us. We all continue to search for the secret words or magical methodology that will help us become better so we can improve our closing ratios, catapult our sales, and earn the incomes and lifestyles we yearn for. We hope that we can one day achieve BAD ASS SUPERSTAR status. We want to be fierce, confident and outstanding.

Some people start off with a natural talent, but for most of us, it is a journey. I was a top performer at every company I ever worked at. And here is secret that really isn’t any big secret.

1. JUST GET OUT AND DO IT: Instead of waiting until everything is perfect, or procrastinating choosing to do something else instead, simply get out there and do it. Far too often we make excuses and put the things we know we need to do on the back burner. Cold Calling perhaps??

2. MAKE MINOR INCREMENTAL STEPS: Getting there is about taking one step at a time, making minor, incremental changes, 10% at a time to master a task or concept, and then moving onto the next level, simultaneously improving confidence levels.

3. DO JUST A LITTLE MORE: Do the things that your competition or team members don’t; make the two extra sales calls per day, call your customers for no reason other than to see how they are doing, provide the extra take-aways so you can educate your customer with a little more information, or simplify your customers lives by doing that one extra thing.

Doing that little bit more day after day, exponentially increases your results. It makes you the best, which leads to long-term, repeat and referral customers, which is what we all want, helping you to earn the income and lifestyle you want.

Remember, the horse that wins the race typically only wins by a nose, but reaps 10x the reward. They are the top performers – THE BADASS SUPERSTARS.

Jackie Rainforth is a global award-winning sales & leadership winning speaker, sales trainer, & business growth consultant, author of The Badass Guide to Selling, (Amazon),. For additional information on Jackie’s keynote presentations and seminars,call 1-403-615-2333 or email [email protected] www.RainmakersGroup.ca and signup for their free monthly sales tips, blog or newsletter.