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Need a high-performance speaker for your next event?

By Jethro November 10, 2022

As a business owner, I know what matters to you: revenue, income results, cash flow, 

Am I missing anything? 

Oh yeah… profitability!

And what do all of those things have in common?

It all comes down to sales

I’m going to be helping you, and your salespeople amp up and elevate their sales skills to a higher level.

Because when you…

  • Are more confident
  • Can identify personalities to achieve faster sales results
  • Have soft skills and improved communication and relationship-building skills
  • Can create leads, find new customers, overcome objections, and close more deals
  • Have repeatable processes that help your organization earn 28% more with improved customer service, value and solution and sales call strategies and effectiveness
  • Can sell value over price 
  • Know intergenerational selling 
  • Know how to build a brand as the go-to expert in your industry and
  • Have the ability to social sell through social media platforms – especially LinkedIn because LinkedIn is the new cold calling

…you WILL find success in sales!

Our offering at Rainmakers is as extensive as it is valuable.  The more knowledge your team has, well…… guess what? That’s when it happens!!

The results, the income, the cash flow… everything increases exponentially!!! And that’s where we at can help your team FAST TRACK those results.

Let’s connect, and talk more about how we can deliver a ton of value add- takeaways as a SPEAKER during your next event or as a trainer delivering a workshop or ongoing training programs. 

Let’s connect and talk about how we can MAKE IT RAIN SALES in your business and get you the revenue, income results, cash flow, and profitability you want – FAST


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