$ Get the Government to Pay 2/3 of your Training Costs

Loree Cowling

By Jethro September 2, 2023

“Jackie Rainforth is an expert transformational speaker… powerful, caring and vulnerable, people in the audience are riveted by the grace and strength she shines in sharing her story.
She takes them on a journey where they easily identify and relate her valuable content to their own life. They are inspired by what is possible and are able to take actions towards something new.
As an event organizer it is a true gift to work with her and to see the impact she has on an audience.”

Jackie Rainforth is a global award-winning sales & leadership winning speaker, sales trainer, & business growth consultant, author of The Badass Guide to Selling, (Amazon),. For additional information on Jackie’s keynote presentations and seminars,call 1-403-615-2333 or email [email protected] www.RainmakersGroup.ca and signup for their free monthly sales tips, blog or newsletter.