$ Get the Government to Pay 2/3 of your Training Costs

Michelle Andrishak

By Jethro September 2, 2023

“I have had the pleasure of booking Jackie as a guest presenter.
Jackie’s entertaining, engaging, and informative delivery style had everyone sitting on the edge of their seat as she showcased her expertise in modern sales strategies that actually work when implemented!
She is exceptionally generous in sharing her knowledge, experience and heartfelt stories that inspire and connect with the audience.
Jackie also shares great tools that are easy to implement and provide tangible results.”

Jackie Rainforth is a global award-winning sales & leadership winning speaker, sales trainer, & business growth consultant, author of The Badass Guide to Selling, (Amazon),. For additional information on Jackie’s keynote presentations and seminars,call 1-403-615-2333 or email [email protected] www.RainmakersGroup.ca and signup for their free monthly sales tips, blog or newsletter.