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Want Success for 2018? Earn 10 X More…

By Jackie-Rainforth January 23, 2018

Want Success for 2018? Follow the GOSPA Method… What’s that you say?? It is a Self Development Plan where you set you set you success aspirations. When you write down clear specific and measurable goals for yourself you dramatically increase your success. Write them down?? Most say ‘yeah whatever’ I have them in my head. Others say ‘Goals?? No need’… and a few, a mere few will actually take the time to write them out. How does this all play out??

Harvard did a study on their students fulfilling their career and financial aspirations after graduating.

84% had no goals

13% had goals in their minds but did not write them down

3% had written goals and plans to accomplish them

The results after 10 years:

The 13% who had goals but didn’t write them down earned twice the amount of those who had no goals at all

Want Success for 2018? Earn 10X more…

The 3% who had written down their goals and plans earned 10X as much as the other 97% of groups combined.

You need a WRITTEN PLAN to reach your GOALS.

Keeping your sales funnel full of new leads is the key to sales success. How do you keep those leads coming? Use the GOSPA method.

Write out the following out on 1 8×11 piece of paper:

GOALS: What are my GOALS for the next year? Ie. Your goal, your stretch goal (most people who write out a stretch goal achieve it!)

OBJECTIVES: What 3 specific OBJECTIVES do I need to achieve? Increase sales, leads, marketing

STRATEGY: What 3 key STRATEGIES am I going to use to get there? Cold Calling, Networking, Word of Mouth, Social Selling

PLAN: Create a plan that is SPECIFIC and MEASURABLE. Ie. One morning a week I am going to do cold calls.

ACTIONS: What 3 KEY ACTIONS am I going to take daily, weekly, monthly, to achieve my goals. Ie. Start my day early, limit idle chit-chat, only check

my email twice a day (checking your email only twice a day will save you 6 hours a week!) preplan my week every Friday morning…

Again, I am a big proponent of doing things in 3’s. It keeps things simple and achievable, which is what I am all about.

Post your GOSPA in your office so you can see it, and remind yourself regularly of the GOALS and SUCCESS you want to achieve. And remember, Successful Salespeople, are those who do the little things that others don’t. Take the 20 minutes to actually write it out, and you too can be part of that 3% who earns up to 10x more!!

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