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What 7 Things Do Experienced Buyers & CEOs Need From A Sales Rep?

By Jethro October 7, 2022

I was talking to my friend, a Senior Buyer and Project Manager, who purchases hundreds of millions of dollars of products annually.  I was blown away by his stories and his frustration at the inadequacy of Sales Reps.  

Sales Reps, you need to be planned, prepared, practiced, and professional when you call on buyers.  You need to have a strategy!  You cannot simply show up and wing it. 

You need these seven things if you are going to call on an experienced senior buyer or CEO.

You need to be:



3. CONSCIENTIOUS OF THE BUYERS’ TIME when you walk through the door.  81% said buyers were more likely to make a purchase if the sales experience was consultative.  

4. They need you to have the knowledge to be able to ANSWER DIFFICULT & COMPLEX QUESTIONS on the spot, not say, “I’ll get back to you”. 

Buyers want sellers who


6. Present a FINANCIAL CASE FOR CHANGE.  79% of respondents said they are more likely to purchase a product or service if the financial case for change has been clearly communicated, mitigating risk.

7. Overall, they want people they can trust who are going to assist and advise them as LONG TERM PARTNERS with their complex issues.

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